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What Is Friego?

Friego is a free connection app, not a dating service. Friego is simply for those daily moments when you personally encounter someone you're attracted to at work, class, restaurants and elsewhere. Since fear of rejection is basic to human nature, it is always difficult to approach others and it can be even more difficult to overcome that fear.  So Friego eliminates it.  

If you're attracted to someone nearby, whether it's a friend or a stranger, and they have the Friego app, you can simply tap their photo to "friego" them.  They will never know unless they also friego you so there is no embarrassment or rejection.  At that point, you both know you have a mutual interest and Friego will allow you to communicate anonymously until you're comfortable. 

How It Works

After you download the Friego app, you simply upload a photo of yourself to the Friego server and tell it whether you are male or female and whether you want to meet males or females.  That's it!  Friego uses your smartphone's bluetooth radio signal to identify other Friego app users within about 33 feet of you - either male or female depending upon your preference - and it will download photos of each user.  Your phone does not connect with or exchange information with other phones

The photos you accumulate each day will stay on your phone until approximately 4 AM at which point they will be cleared for the next day.  You can either tap a photo to friego someone as you see them nearby or you can wait until later in the day to friego someone you've seen.  Friego is completely anonymous and private and never identifies a user even when a link is made.





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