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Friego FAQs

Can someone identify, locate or track me using Friego?

Absolutely not!  Friego is not a GPS location device or a dating service app.  You enter absolutely nothing into Friego except a small photo which will be visible only to other users (based on your sexual selection) nearby.  Only people who already see you will see your photo and the only thing the photo tells them is that you're single which is nothing they couldn't have ascertained already from a glance at your ring finger.  Friego is totally private and simply gives you and others a chance to secretly connect without embarrassment or rejection.

What happens if I friego someone and they do not friego me back?

Unfortunately, you are out of luck unless you want to follow up with an open friego attempt. It is important of course that if you want someone to return a friego, you should at a minimum make certain that they see you.  A quick glance should be sufficient in most cases.  But do not be discouraged by missed connections because with Friego, you will discover that there truly are many fish in the sea - and Friego makes if fun to fish! 

What if someone is using a fake or inappropriate photo?

The Friego app allows you to quickly report fake or inappropriate photos which can and will subject the user to account cancellation.  Since Friego identifies each phone, cancelled users would have to obtain a new phone in order to use Friego again.

Do I have to friego someone only when they are within 33 feet (bluetooth range)?

No.  Once your phone has identified a user nearby, that photo will stay on your phone until the early hours of the following morning.  You can friego that person anytime while the photo is still visible.

Do we both have to friego one another on the same day?

No.  Once you have friego'd someone, that attempted connection is permanent.  A connection will be made if they friego you a week, month or even years later.

What if I want to friego a photo of someone I do not remember seeing?

If you see a photo of someone you don't recall seeing personally, we strongly advise you not to friego that person since it could be a fake photo.  Always reject open friegos with a photo of someone you don't remember seeing.

Can I find out who has friego'd me?

No.  Friego is completely private for both you and all other users.  No one will ever know who you have friego'd and you will never know who else has friego'd you.

What are open friegos?

If you are extremely anxious to meet someone and are afraid they are not going to friego you in return, you can attempt an open friego.  If the other user accepts open friegos, you can send him or her a short text message asking for a return friego.

Should I accept open friegos?

That is subject to each individual's personal preference.  You can toggle the setting depending upon the situation.  In other words, if you are comfortable with the people around you (work, classroom) then you might choose to accept open friegos.  If you are uncertain about your surroundings (nightclub, concert), then you may choose not to accept them.

What if I change my mind or decide not to meet someone I've connected with?

Simply remove that photo from your connections list and your photo will automatically be removed from the other person's list as well.  All further communication will be cut off and that user cannot connect with you again using Friego.

How do you protect minors who may be using Friego?

Friego is restricted to users 15 and above.  Photos of users under the age of 18 will not be shown to users over age 18 and vice versa.  Adults using fake ages or photos will be reported immediately to local law enforcement.

What is Friego Online?

If you access Friego Online ($2.99 annual subscription charge), you can login to your personal account and find out after a 72 hour delay how many times you have been friego'd each month and you can also see the photos of others you have previously friego'd.  You can use Friego Online to attempt to openly friego someone who previously did not return your private friego.  You can also remove attempted friegos you have made in the past which may be advisable if you become involved in a relationship.





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